Bincang Edukasi is a regular meet-up event that brings education enthusiast together to share their social movements, ideas and concepts that are related to education.
it is meant to be amplification platform for educational social movements and breaktrough concept to garner awareness, supports and also to inspire many others to contribute.


Our Missions

  • Amplifying the many education grass root movements that are scattered all around Indonesia by giving them a chance to be heard.
  • Collecting supports fot these movements and also to inspire many Indonesians to create new education social movements, replicate the current ones in their local places, or simply do what they can to improve Indonesian education.
  • Garnering ideas from audience (offline and online) for education social movements that can be implemented without having to pass through the complicated bureaucracy of Indonesian formal education system.
  • Fostering discussion ad conversation within the topic of education, using the event as a trigger point and then continued via social media, to raise awareness and create involvement.
  • Building network and partnership among education practitioners and enthusiast.

Event Format

  • Three hours event in which several speakers are given a 17 minutes speaking slot or 27 minutes if they bring a live performance [music, storytelling, dance, etc].
  • Presenters are given a guidline to ensure their presentations will tell a story [not just information], personal missions and engaging to the audiences.
  • Should there be enough time, the audinece will be engaged in a discussion and be persuaded to come up with their own ideas and movements in improving education.
  • The presentations will be recorded in pictures and videos which will be uploaded to social media channels to attract further post-event discussion and awareness.
  • The use of social media and backchannel will also be managed during the event to create more buzz, awareness and discussion.

Target Audience

  • Audience : 100-200 per event
  • Type of audience :
    • Educational Social movement initiators
    • Education experts, activists and evangelists
    • Teacher and school administrators
    • High school, college and homeschooling students
    • Education journalists
    • Parents
    • Education enthusiasts
  • Ticket price : FREE [register online or on spot]