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Bincang Edukasi is a passionate community of educators from around the world. Bincang Edukasi is more than just a site. Our missions are Amplifying social movements, Collecting support, Inspiring others, Garnering Ideas, Fostering discussion, Building partnership.

It’s a completely integerated platform that helps educate, influence, and inform. We can help organizations large and small reasch one of the smartest audiences on the planet.

What about an event that you want to promote to an audience of highly engaged and enthusiastic people?

We Have The Experience

We’ve worked with the biggest education community in Indonesia. as well as start-ups and single person ventures. Big or small, we have the promotional tools tailored just for you.

We Understand

We understand that promotion can seem like an expense. That’s why we work with you to keep your costs dows and ROI as high as possible.

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